What is

At Golfgaga we have a dream. A dream to make Golf a more popular sport by providing the right LOCAL & GLOBAL information in a rich media, easy to use & easy to access format.

We want to empower Golfers (existing, new & potential) & every stakeholder in the Golf community & we will do this by using technology & by harnessing your strength. When we say you – we mean you & I will explain this in some detail soon.

While we will put together the best possible Golf content about Golf courses, Golf travel, Golf real estate, Golf events we will also grow the sport by educating potential developers on how to build profitable golf communities & get more consumers to start playing the game. We tell beginners how to start the game, empower golf pros/teachers to network, build web pages for Pro shops.

Most of what we do is for FREE & we make our money through advertising & through alliances with Golf travel & Golf real estate firms etc.

We will empower Golf clubs with websites, handicap tools & tee time booking solutions. Golfers can use these tools too & also dive into our golf community & network socially with like-minded golfers.

Any company is only as large as its customers want it to be.
We understand YOU are critical to our well being. The MORE you enjoy being on Golfgaga & the MORE you contribute with content & the MORE friends you bring on board – the better our health.

Everything we do will be with you in mind.


My name is Ranganath Thota & I am a normal golfer – passionate about the sport, in love with the game & wanting to do more for it. I started playing Golf in China in 2004 & was hooked onto the game in just 24 hours. (That’s the amount of time I took to get from the range to the course). I come from a family with ties to the defense forces & have always had a penchant for travel.

I ran companies in the consumer space for 21 years across India & China (Pepsi, Whirpool, GE, Mobile2win, Hindustan Times etc ) & decided to do something about my understanding of the internet & telecom space, my passion for golf, my penchant for brands/consumers & my ability to build & run companies.

Golfgaga was born in 2009/2010 – as a germ of an idea, which quickly become a reality – but not before a fair share of false starts.
I travelled the length of breadth of India in my car, with fellow golfers, across fantastic new highways & old rickety roads. My most memorable trips were a 15 day trip to the North east of India with 2 friends when we played 17 courses. The other was a 7000 km drive from Hyderabad to Srinagar over 35 days with golf at over 40 courses (Yes – one day I played 3 courses) – I drove all alone but made many a friend on this trip & realized that golfers across the world are very passionate about this sport.

Along the way I took more than 20000 photos, changed 12 tyres driving over 40000 kms, operated out of road side dhabbas, played over a 130 courses in India, lost over a 200 golf balls & made friends with over 200 golfers.

Golf is a very powerful drug – but a good one to be addicted to.

Golfgaga Greens Pvt Ltd is the firm that owns Golfgaga & is a private enterprise with family investments & is based out of Hyderabad, in India.