Mission Hills special

Hotel description & info

Hotel description
Hotel name Mission Hills Resort
Star rating 5 star
Distance from airport 75 kms to HK airport & 30 kms from Shenzhen airport
No of rooms Over 500 rooms
Description of Hotel The Mission Hills Hotel is China’s only five-star resort integrated into a golf complex, and offers an alluring combination of deluxe accommodation plus some of Asia’s finest sporting, spa and leisure facilities. The hotel features over 500 guest rooms and suites spread across Shenzhen and Dongguan, each offering its own interpretation of a tropical golf and leisure paradise. Located in the Mission hills complex this is a luxury 5 star hotel and the most convenient location to stay & play golf.
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Distance from

City center – Shenzhen – 28 kms

Tourist destination:
1 Window of The World – 36 kms
2 Shiyan Lake Hot Spring Resort – 21 kms
3 Shenzhen Museum – 29 kms
4 Xin’an (Nantou) Ancient City – 3.2 kms
5 Shekou Sea World – 44 kms
6 Xichong Beach – 45 kms
7 C:UNION – 35 kms