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1. Jadar golf course Iceland

Photo credit : Golf club & Pedromyndir

History & course facts :

The Akureyri golf course is the world's most northerly 18 hole golf course, according to the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews. If the Arctic Circle was a physical entity, it could be seen from Akureyri. Surprisingly, the course has a much more inland appearance than other significant course in the country, featuring a much more complete palette of trees, shrubs and other plants.

The par-71 layout meanders around and over broad ridges, broken up by clusters of trees and rock outcroppings & has a moorland course appearance.

Akureyri Golf Club was established in 1935. It is Iceland's second oldest golf club, only one year younger than Reykjavik Golf Club. For years, Akureyri Golf Club was a nationwide leader in the development of golfing talent. It found a pioneer in Mr. Magnus Gudmundsson, who later designed the basis of the club's current course at Jadar. Gudmundsson was Iceland's first player of international caliber, showing his competitiveness at this level at the World Amateur Championships in St. Andrews in 1958. In 1964 he set a scoring record in the National Championships that still stands - 10 under par over 72 holes in The Westman Islands.

The Arctic Open Golf Championship

A game of midnight golf is what the Arctic open is all about & this tourney is hosted at the Akureyri golf course For more than 20 years, golfers from all over the world have gathered at this unique event during summer solstice and played at least two organized rounds of golf - at least one of them under the flaming red midnight skies. Standing on the 4th and 5th tees will offer unforgettable views of the arctic sun mirroring in the Eyjafjordur bay, gathering momentum before disappearing to rise yet again and start a brand new day Akureyri has a population of about 17.200 & is the largest town outside the Reykjavik area. Is 4 1/2 hours drive from Reykjavik or 45 minutes flight from Reykjavik airport.

Address : Golfklubbur Akureyrar,Jaoar ( JADAR),600 Akureyri , Iceland
Telephone 354-462 2974
Coordinates 65.666109,-18.11702
Year built 1935
Designer Magnus Gudmundsson
Holes and yardage 18 holes , 6336 yards , Par 71
Longest Par 5 545 yards
Longest Par 4 455 yards
Longest Par 3 212 yards
Shortest hole 163 yard , Par 3 ,11th hole (Index 16)
Toughest hole 486 yard , Par 5 , 3rd hole
Grass : No info
Green fee : 90 USD ( includes caddy , cart , green fee )
Trivia : * The northern most course in the world according to R&A
* Venue for the Arctic open golf , where you get to play a round at midnight
Course and slope rating Tee Yardage Rating Slope  
  Black tees 6336 70.6 134  
  Yellow 5948 68.7 127  
  Blue 5517 68/72.7 115/125 Men / women
  Red 4999 69/69.8 111/122 Men / women
2. Carbrook golf club SHARKS IN THE LAKE

Photo credit : Golf Club

History & course facts :

It all started when Tom Smith bought the old dairy farm on the Logan River back in 1972. Tom had just retired from his wool buying business and decided to sell his home in Sydney & buy a larger property on the outskirts of Brisbane to escape the Sydney "rat race". As fate would have it he chose the Carbrook property on which the Golf Club stands now. Being a keen golfer, (Tom played Pennant Grade golf in Sydney off a low single figure handicap), he decided he would build a golf course on the land, so he and his sons could pursue their passion for golf, as you do. The first golf course was completed and opened to the public in 1976.


The course is built over 140 acres of land adjacent to the Carbrook Wetlands - an environmental area of significance.

The front nine & back nine have different layouts - while the front features abundant trees , local flora & consequently a plethora of bird life the back has lots off water , thanks to the sand mining that was carried out during old Tom Smiths days . The central lake is famous for its sharks - yes you read that right - SHARKS

Sharks in the lake

In the early 90's, the Logan River burst its banks, resulting in large volumes of water covering the course for an extended period of time. As the water level dropped, large volumes of fish species were contained in the many creeks and lakes of Carbrook. For years, rumours abound of a shark in the lake. It was rarely sighted but often talked about. In more recent years, sightings have become a regular occurance, often more than one being seen at a time.

Address : P.O. Box 3037 ,Loganholme , Queensland , Australia - 25 miles from Brisbane on the Gold coast stretch
Telephone Office 07 3287 6499 & Pro shop 07 3287 6440
Coordinates -27.687138,153.248634
Year built 1978
Designer Tom Smith ( was the owner & designer)
Holes and yardage 18 holes , Par 71 , 6701 yards
Longest Par 5 560 yard , 16th hole
Longest Par 4 465 yard , 12th hole
Longest Par 3 185 yard , 14th hole
Shortest hole 131 yard , 7th hole
Toughest hole 465 yard , Par 4 , 12th hole
Grass : Tifdwarf greens , wintergreen fairways .
Green fee : 29 Aus $ ( 1300 INR ) on weekdays & 36 $ ( 1650 INR on weekends) , Sunday visitors not allowed
Trivia : * The course has sharks in the lake that adjoins some of the holes on the back 9 - scores high for the most unique water hazard award
* Located close to Gold coast ( surfers haven) & Brisbane
Course and slope rating Tee Yardage Rating Slope  
  Men 6701 71 113  
  Ladies 5957      
3. Prison view golf course - Angola , Louisiana , USA

Photo credit : The Prison

History & course facts :

Prison View Golf Course is located on the grounds of Louisiana State Penitentiary, Angola, LA, and is operated by the Louisiana State Penitentiary Employee Recreation Committee. The course is maintained by prisoners from the Penitentiary. It was designed by the prison dentist and if you want to play one must apply 48 hours in advance so they can be screened, and play may be suspended at any time due to institutional exigencies or at the Warden's discretion.

Prison View offers players a challenging round of golf, practice facility and Clubhouse. Number 1 tee box is elevated approximately 75 yards into the Tunica Hills, offering a spectacular view of Louisiana's only maximum security prison.


1) Prison View Golf Course is located on the grounds of Louisiana State Penitentiary; therefore, all guests must provide personal information (date of birth, drivers license number, social security number, etc.) for complete background check before play. (48 hours in advance)
2) No tee times will be scheduled prior to completed background check.
3) Convicted felons and individuals listed on any inmates visiting list will not be allowed access.
4) All golfers must present valid, state issued identification upon arrival.
5) Play may be suspended at any time, due to institutional need or at the Warden's discretion.
6) Tee times may be cancelled without notice.
7)Absolutely NO firearms, drugs, alcohol or other contraband items (such as, but not limited to, cameras, knives, etc.) are allowed on the premises.
8) Persons entering Louisiana State Penitentiary must consent to a search of their vehicle, belongings and/or person at any time, while on institutional grounds.

Credits : Course website & wikipedia.

Address : Louisiana State Penitentiary
Telephone Angola, LA 70712,Pro-shop @ (225) 655-2978
Coordinates 30.956836,-91.572558
Year built 2004
Designer Dr John Ory - The prison dentist
Holes and yardage 18 , 6073 yards , Par 72 ( need to repeat 9 greens - 3086 +2987 are front & back nine yardages)
Longest Par 5 525 yard , Hole 1
Longest Par 4 403 yard , Hole no 3
Longest Par 3 181 yard , Hole no 5
Shortest hole 103 yard , Hole no 17
Toughest hole 403 yard , Hole no 3 ,Par 4
Grass : Tifdwarf greens & Bermuda fairways
Green fee : 10 USD green fees + 5 USD for the cart for 9 holes
Trivia : * LSP, also known as Angola was nicknamed the "Alcatraz of the South" and "The Farm"
* The prison was once known as the bloodiest prison in America - so you know you have good company around you
* 52 % off the inmates are serving a life sentence & 82 % are there for very violent crimes
* There is a Rodeo at the prison that you can visit & watch . Initially made for prisoners entertainment it is now a major business & is open to the public too . Has a capacity for 7000 people !!!
* Water is in play on 8 of the 9 holes & the course has 37 sand bunkers .
Course and slope rating Tee Yardage Rating Slope  
  Prison 6073 70 113  
4. Greenland - UUMMANNAQ

Photo credit : Greenland tourism & Matthew Harris & Jorgen Chemnitz24 & Per Arnesen57

History & course facts :

The World Ice Golf championship is staged in Uummannaq, Greenland

Set in one of the world's most spectacular landscapes 600 km. north of the Arctic Circle golfers from across the globe travel to a hard and extreme tournament for the coveted title of The World Ice Golf Champion.Freezing glaciers and huge icebergs frame the course and continue to move slowly all year round - even in March the "green" is cut literally days before the event.

Playing golf on a frozen seascape is not the only task at hand. Coping with extreme temperatures, which can fall to minus 50 C with the wind-chill factor, challenges players both physically and mentally. Special kits are an absolute essential - especially the clothes you wear. Other factors to consider are that the 'green' is white, the ball is fluorescent orange and there is the unlikely risk of losing a ball to a polar bear. With fluorescent balls landing on a green that is white, against backdrops of glittering glaciers this extraordinary place will provide an unforgettable experience.

It's so cold that graphite shafts are discouraged as they are prone to breakage especially with temperatures routinely dipping to minus 40 centigrade.

Progress around the course requires avoidance of seal-holes, and clothing and footwear are necessarily extreme. However sublime your golf game may be, you'll recognise that to play on a plateau of floating ice, where you must stand, swing and drive just two feet above the deadly-cold Arctic Ocean, is an unusual encounter. The course itself is laid out in March on the fjord ice, close to the town a week prior to the actual championship. Its shape is determined largely by the positions of icebergs in the fjord. The couse is a nine holes par 35 or 36 and consist ideally of 5 par 4's, 2 par 3's and 2 par 5's. The distance is about 5-7% shorter than a normal average golf course (5.400-5.800 metre for 18 holes).


The World Ice Golf Championship was the brainchild of Mr. Arne Niemann, a local resident and hotel proprietor on a small island called Uummannaq, off Greenland's North West coast. In 1997 Mr. Niemann challenged architect Rolf-Henning Jensen to design the world's first ice golf course created by the ocean and huge icebergs. With support of the local community, Uummannaq Municipality and Greenland Tourism the World Ice Golf Committee was set-up to establish the ice golf championship. From the very beginning the committee signed a sponsorship with Drambuie. The Scottish Liqueur Company has been crucially involved in the development of the event and was title and main sponsor for four years.

The Tournament

The Tournament is a 36 hole-stroke competition played over two. The day before the Championship the players also compete in a 'Ryder Cup' style tournament, called The Niemann Cup, as a tribute to Arne Niemann. It is a great way for participants to get used to the freezing conditions, playing on ice and the layout of the course before taking part in the World Championship tournament.The championship is played in years with good and safe ice conditions.

All photos acknowledgement : Greenland tourism & Matthew Harris & Jorgen Chemnitz24 & Per Arnesen57

Address : P.O. Box 202 , DK -3961 , Ummaannaq ,Greenland
Coordinates 70.678465,-52.130263
Year built 1977
Designer The " OCEAN " - creates the external framework for the course
Holes and yardage 9 holes , 3200 yards , Par 35 /36
Longest Par 5 500 yards approx
Longest Par 4 370 yards approx
Longest Par 3 170 yards approx
Shortest hole 130 yards approx
Toughest hole You tell us
Grass : What grass - its ice - that's why they are called WHITES !!
Green fee : 100 USD
Trivia : The balls are red & the greens are called whites
Course and slope rating Tee Yardage Rating Slope  
  Championship 3200 NA NA  
5. YAK COURSE - SIKKIM , INDIA - Highest course in the world

Photo credit : Sikkim Tourism

History & course facts :

The "Yak Golf Course" was started on 19 Sep 1972 at Kupup. The course was re-designed in 1979 by Brig JM Singh, Cdr 164 Mtn Bde & since then it has been developed by avid golfers . Under the guidance of Brig Ranbir Singh, Cdr 63 Mtn Bde & Col T K Murali, Dy Cdr 63 Mtn Bde the course had been redesigned & expanded to 18 holes. Located at Kupup in east Sikkim, the Yak Golf course is a challenging 18-hole course featuring meandering fairways across mountain streams & teasing browns. Its at a height of 13025 feet making it the highest golf course in the world. The Yak Environmental Park and Training Area formerly known as Yak Golf Club was relaid in Aug 1978 and the work on the course was completed by early 1979. The layout of the course coupled with the numerous rivulets that criss-cross the course add to the thrill of playing at this high altitude . The fairways are lush green with natural streams & ponds as hazards, which makes the game interesting & a challenge . The club is open seven days a week, round the year subject to snow conditions. However, it is generally playable from May to Dec. During winter, the golf course remains active by becoming a ski center 'Ice Hockey', Ice Skating' and 'Skiing' are popular. A golfer unless acclimatized to these majestic heights needs to move slowly on the course. Yaks are recommended to be used by senior members.


In the Guiness book of world records - Located at 13025 feet making this the highest course in the world
During Winter the golf course becomes a ski center
At this high altitude YAKS are used as golf carts to carry players - especially the older players to avoid high altitude sickness
Is a preferred lie course
Foreigners need special permission to play as it's a army course.

Address : Yak Golf course , Kupup , Sikkim ,India
Telephone NA
Website: NA
Coordinates 27.34086,88.841322
Year built 1972
Designer The Indian Army
Holes and yardage 18 hole , 6025 yard , Par 72
Longest Par 5 518 yard , Par 5 , 10th hole
Longest Par 4 423 yard , Par 4 , 1st hole
Longest Par 3 251 yard ,Par 3 , 17th hole
Shortest hole 175 yard , Par 3 , 6th hole
Toughest hole 470 yard , Par 5 ,5th hole
Grass : Natural grass
Green fee : Less than 5 USD ( 250 Rs )
Trivia : *In the Guiness book of world records - Located at 13025 feet making this the highest course in the world
*During Winter the golf course becomes a ski center
*At this high altitude YAKS are used as golf carts to carry players - especially the older players to avoid high altitude sickness
*Is a preferred lie course
*Foreigners need special permission to play as itís a army course.
Course and slope rating Tee Yardage Rating Slope  
  Single tee 6025 68 113  

Photo credit : Golf Club

History & course facts :

The Sano course at the Satsuki Golf club in Japan has the distinction of having the longest hole by yardage in the world . A monstrous 974 yard , Par 7 creation . The course is a Par 75 course & is ranked amongst the 10 toughest courses in Japan . Located in the Tochigi prefecture it is a about 120 kms north of Tokyo . The longest hole in the world has no bunkers at all in play & is a slight dogleg right . The fairway is between a thickly wooded tree line on either side . Teeing off from the back tees on this hole is a challenge as you need to guide the ball through a narrow alley of trees before you get to the broad open fairway . Unless you play on the weekdays tee time booking here is absolutely essential. Green fees during weekdays are typically 50% of the weekend rates

Address : 3183 Funakoshi-cho, Sano-shi ,Tochigi 327-0305 , JAPAN
Telephone 0283.62.4141
Coordinates 36.402909,139.580995
Year built 1979
Designer Green Ocean course design Inc
Holes and yardage 18 hole , 7355 yard , Par 75
Longest Par 5 539 yard
Longest Par 4 455 yard
Longest Par 3 177 yard
Shortest hole 172 yard
Toughest hole 964 yard , Par 7 , 7th hole
Grass : Bent Grass
Green fee : 95 to 200 USD
Trivia : *Has the longest hole in the world -a 964 yard , Par 7 monster
*This is a par 75 course
*It's the 10th toughest course in Japan - that's really tough as Japan has over 2000 courses
Course and slope rating Tee Yardage Rating Slope  
  Back 7355 74.8 135  
  Regulation 6964 73.4 130  
  Front 6587 No info No info  
7. The Pines course @ The International ,Bolton ,USA


The Pines course originally consisted of 66 acres of open farmland that proved to be ideal for a "short but tricky" nine-hole course. In 1901, Runaway Brook Golf Club Corporation was founded and purchased the land for $1, thus establishing the formal beginning of The International. In 1954 Bert Suprenant purchased Runaway Brook G.C., then hired Geoffrey Cornish, with input from Francis Ouimet and others, to design the regulation course that exists today. ITT purchased the course in 1961 and six years later renamed course The International Golf Club. In 1972, Robert Trent Jones was hired to modify many of the slick greens and challenging bunkers and made it not only the longest course in the world but one of the most difficult. Ownership was later passed to Starwood Hotels & Resorts, who subsequently sold the club to principal owner Daniel Weadock and limited partner Brian Lynch in 1999. In 2001, The International added a new course, the Tom Fazio designed masterpiece known as The Oaks. According to Weadock, "The International will be the only private 36-hole facility in New England and one of the best nationwide. My partner, Brian Lynch, and I are privileged to be charged with the near sacred trust of over 100 years of golf history on the grounds. It is all about golf, friendship, camaraderie, plain old fun and having a good time."

Address : 159, Ballville Road , Bolton , Massachusetts 01740
Telephone (978).779-6910
Year built 1957
Designer Geoffery Cornish , In 1972 redesigned by Robert Trent Jones
Holes and yardage 18 holes , 8325 yards , Par 73
Longest Par 5 715 yard , Par 6 , Hole no 5
Longest Par 4 567 yard , Par 4 , Hole no 12
Longest Par 3 277 yard , Par 3 , Hole no 7
Shortest hole 180 yard , Par 3 , Hole no 4
Toughest hole 715 yard , Par 6 , Hole no 5
Grass : Bent Grass
Green fee : 95 to 200 USD
Trivia : *The 5th green is 89 yards deep & over 1/2 a acre in area
*The 11th hole has 24 bunkers - a par 5 , 590 yard hole
Course and slope rating Tee Yardage Rating Slope Par
  TIGER 8325 80 154 73
  Championship 7138 74.7 136 72
  Regular 6547 71.7 132 72
  Womens back 5742 72.8 128 72
  Forward 5742 67.4 115 72
  Womens 5163 69.2 120 72
8. Nullarbor links , AUSTRALIA

Photo credit : Golf club

History & course facts :

"The Nullarbor Links concept is unique. The 18-hole par 72 golf course spans 1,365 kilometres with one hole in each participating town or roadhouse along the Eyre Highway, from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia to Ceduna in South Australia. Each hole includes a green and tee and somewhat rugged outback-style natural terrain fairway. The course provides a quintessential Australian experience and a much-needed activity/attraction for travellers along the renowned desolate highway. The course can be played - from Ceduna to Kalgoorlie or the other way around . Kalgoorie is 600 kms from Perth which is in Western Australia while Ceduna is close to the sea in Southern Australia & is 800 kms from Adelaide ( the sea is called the Great Australian Blight which is technically part of the Indian Ocean) .The coast line of the Great Australian Bight is characterised by cliff faces (up to 60 m high), surfing beaches and rock platforms, ideal for whale-watching. You can become a member as the membership fee is a once in a life time fee and is set at $200 Aust and $30 Aust postage !!!"

Address : Southern & Western Australia
Telephone 0407 990 049
Coordinates -30.725725,121.461516
Year built 2010
Designer Multiple
Holes and yardage 18 holes , 6707 yards , Par 72
Longest Par 5 588 yard , 5th hole
Longest Par 4 477 yard ,14th hole
Longest Par 3 191 yard , 12th hole
Shortest hole 154 yard , 13th hole
Toughest hole No info
Grass : Mixed
Green fee : 60 USD
Trivia : *Longest course in the world as it stretches across 15 towns & 1365 kms
*Stretches across from Western to Southern Australia
*Preferred lies , fairways where you have to tee the ball , some holes have dress codes & some don't
Course and slope rating Tee Yardage Rating Slope  
  Mens tees 6707 71.4 124  
9. Legend Golf & Safari Resort

Photo credit : Legend Resort

History & course facts :

Legend Golf & Safari Resort is one of the world's most exciting golf venues . It has 3 interesting golfing elements


Take the challenge of the world's most talked about and unique Par 3, the Extreme 19th. Set high up on the impressive Hanglip Mountain, the hole is accessible only by helicopter and played to a green the shape of Africa some 400m below.Here are the facts and figures about the Extreme 19th - the longest Par 3 in the world!

  • Vertical Height-430m
  • Horizontal distance from foot of mountain to back of green-400m
  • Horizontal distance from foot of mountain to start of fairway-280m (Start of fairway is indicated by arrow!)
  • The vertical drop from the start of fairway to the front of the green is 21m.
  • The green is the shape of Africa.
  • Time for ball to land-20 second


Home to the unique "world-in-one" Signature Course where each of the 18 holes has been designed by a world golfing legend. The list of signatures who have been honored to design a hole includes .Trevor Immelman, Padraig Harrington, Bernard Langer, Colin Montgomerie, Justin Rose, Vijay Singh, Sergio Garcia , Luke Donalds , K J Choi, Retief Goosen etc to name but a few.


A 10 hole TRIBUTE golf course that honors some of the best PAR 3 holes in the world including the 11th at St Andrews ,the 12th at Augusta etc The design and layout of the Resort has been done in a way that minimizes the impact of the development on the natural environment. It preserves the pristine bushveld and makes the Resort one of the most environmentally sensitive of its kind in Africa.

Info souce - Course website

Address : Entabeni safari conservancy , Stirkriver , Waterburg , Limpopo , South Africa (3 hr drive from Jo burg)
Telephone +27 (0) 14 743 6371
Coordinates -24.202545,28.719249
Year built 2009
Designer DDV design & David Riddle
Holes and yardage 18 holes , Par 72 ,8510 yards
Longest Par 5 633 yard ,1 st hole
Longest Par 4 558 yard , 5th hole
Longest Par 3 259 yard , 12th hole
Shortest hole 218 yard , Par 3 , 4th hole
Toughest hole 558 yard , Par 4 ,5th hole
Grass : Bent grass
Green fee : 95 USD including cart . To play the extreme 3rd incl the helicopter ride wll cost another 230 USD
Trivia : *3 unique golfing opportunities in one location
*Located at a 4000 foot altitude so the ball will travel about 5% further than normal
*Has been voted the best new course & resort many a time
*Unique location provides a great safari option where the BIG 5 animals can be viewed
*A hole in one at the 19th hole - par 3 could make you 1 mn USD richer
Course and slope rating Tee Yardage Rating Slope  
  Championship 8510 No info No info  
  Back 7887 No info No info  
  Men 7375 No info No info  
  Mid 6880 No info No info  
  Women 6415 No info No info