Fact Sheet

1. Oxford, Pune: Scenic beauty & awe.

AWE: Tee off from 100 ft above the fairway on this beautiful laid out Par 5, 563 yard hole. This is the toughest hole on the course & is a double dogleg – winding right & then left. With the wind & hazards off the tee you are ” concerned” when you tee off here for the first time. This can be a scary hole to tee off from with strong winds & once you land safely in the fairway your troubles do not end … a wonderful hole to Par as it needs 3 accurate shots to get to the green that is guarded by long snake like bunkers on either side.

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2. Boulder Hills, Hyderabad: Spectacular.

AWE: Tee off from a elevated tee box on this 135 yard, Par 3 which is flanked by one of the largest boulders you will ever see on a golf course in India – a 50 foot monster boulder. A easy hole once you select the right club the green here is tricky too & can play very fast. This is the hole which can get you a HOLE IN 1 though.

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3. Shillong Golf Course: Scenic.

AWE: The longest par 3 that we have encountered till date this 267 yard apparition plays downhill but is more beauty & the beast than just beauty. Picking the right club is the first challenge after factoring for the gradient & wind. Avoiding getting distracted by people picnicking around the hole is challenge No 2. Avoiding the bunker on the right of the hole is challenge No 3. Making sure you don’t go long or to the rough on the left is challenge no 4. This hole is literally a challenging hole.

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4. Delhi Golf Club – History & beauty.

For sheer beauty with great photo opportunities the Par 4, 445 yard, 3rd hole at DGC is unrivalled. The hole is long, tricky, pretty and ends with a green that is framed by a beautiful Lodi dynasty tomb like structure. While attacking the green you are often tempted to ” imagine” what the photograph of you standing next to the structure will look like.

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5. Sonari, Assam – Great design.

At 242 yards, this par 4 hole,3rd hole seems like a cake walk However with the toughest hole on the course tag a closer look makes a golfer realize that this hole has more bite than it would seem too. You tee off from a tee box that is positioned about 30 feet below the green. The green is cut into the hollow of a hill & is guarded by a huge tree on the left. The green is in a hollow & so cannot be seen from where you tee off. With unforgiving rough on the right & a headwind the temptation to drive 250 yards is difficult to resist. My 4 handicapper friend ended up with a double bogie.

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6. Srinagar – Scenic beauty & awe.

AWE: This hole makes you feel literally on top of the world what with the Dal lake stretching limitlessly in front of you.This Par 3 is a 220 yard downhill hole with strong crosswinds & the entire Dal lake stretching before you. You feel a sense of delight at the sheer opportunity of being present there which is replaced by concern when you have to tee off. The green slopes sharply from front to back but instead of playing uphill when your ball is below the pin it plays downhill ?. Yes it does. 4 putts are common here for the first time until you begin to listen to your caddy – so a downhill putt here will play UPHILL *$#@^&% ???? (that’s how u feel ).

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7. Noida Golf Course – History & scenic beauty.

The 16th hole is a 245 yard Par 3 with history on its side. The tee box has a large menhir like structure that stands tall & marks the spot where the Battle of Delhi was fought in 1303. This is a tough hole to par given the narrow fairway, cross winds & the sheer distance to tame. The tee box is elevated giving this hole a very scenic look.

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8. HGA –Hyderabad Golf Club – History & scenic beauty.

For beauty, scenic looks & sheer history in your face this 267 yard Par 4 scores very high. You play from a slightly elevated tee over a green, to a fairway guarded by a hazard with the ramparts of a fort running all along the left ( its an OB there ) & a large tomb like structure behind the green that is guarded by a bunker on the right & that is very very fast as it slopes from the front to back. A birdie opportunity if you don’t allow the beauty & settings to get to you.

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9. DLF – Great design.

The 17th hole is a treacherous Par 4 if played aggressively as it promises a watery grave for the slightest of errors. A 280 yard par 4 that is a sharp dogleg right, the landing area of the tee box has water running all along the right of the fairway upto the green. The landing area of the fairway slopes right & will get your ball to trickle into the water if you make even the slightest of errors & don’t play a straight shot. Played smart it turns into a wonderful birdie opportunity & is a test of a golfers patience & character.

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10. Dinjan, Assam – Great design.

This is easily one of the shortest Par 4′s you will ever encounter that cannot be driven. A 242 yard Gem located in the army base it is a 90 degree dogleg right. The tee box is guarded by a bamboo wall on the right that makes driving the green a almost impossible option. You have to tee off 100 yards to a fairway guarded by a treacherous bunker & then hit your second over water to a green that slopes from back to front & is guarded by bunkers.

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