Beginners Guide: Starting Golf in India


The most important & the least understood. (Read the other sections after this) In order to start this game you need access to a golf course or a driving range. Golf courses in India are broadly classified as follows
Private Courses

These are member only courses & to play there you either need to be a member (life member, corporate member etc) OR a members guest OR a IGU member (IGU- Indian Golf union) OR in some cases have a premier credit card (like AMEX PLATINUM. VISA PREMIUM etc) that gives you access. Examples are the Delhi golf club, BPGC (Bombay presidency golf club), KGA (Karnataka golf association) in Blore, RCGC (Royal Calcutta golf club), DLF golf club & resort, Gurgaon, Chandigarh Golf club etc

Most of these are designated as Clubs and getting membership here typically could cost between 5- 20 L for a lifetime or 50K – 2 L for corporates per annum.

Click on the above image for city wise list of private courses

Public Courses / Driving Ranges

These are courses which are typically government / semi govt courses that allow access to everyone. Examples included Lado sarai Golf club in Delhi, HGA (Hyderabad golf association) in Hyderabad, Noida golf course, Chandigarh Golf association driving range etc. These are ideal courses for beginners to learn their game.

Click on the above image for City Wise list of private courses

Private courses that allow non members

Most of the new golf courses that are being lanched now are private, real estate led, 18 hole projects that involve 100-500 acres of land, large investments & designers. These courses are located typically a 1 hrs drive from big cities & are open to both members & non members. Access fees tend to be moderate to high & some examples of this includes Boulder hills, Hyderabad, Eagleton, Bangalore, Oxford golf & country club, Pune, Jaypee greens, Noida.

Click on the above image for City Wise list of private courses that are open to public

Defence Courses & other govt courses (Army, Navy, Airforce) etc

These currently account for the largest chunk of courses in India & have been instrumental in making golf frankly affordable to many a golfer. These courses typically do not allow foreigners at all. Across cities some of them do allow members guests or walk in golfers & access to the driving range. These tend to be very inexpensive & are good starting points for golfers if they can access them. The BSF, Police, Railways & certain public sector companies also have courses in some cities.

In order to access private courses you need to as mentioned above have
  • Access to a member of a private course who can take you on board as a guest
  • Get membership of a private club for a short term (1-5 years typically) or a lifetime OR as a corporate deal through the establishment you work for as a CORPORATE member.
  • A IGU card (click here for details of how to get one)

    Click on the above image to get you access to most courses at preferred rates.

  • Be a reciprocal member. Ie you may be a member of a Golf club /course in Kanpur that gets you access through a reciprocal deal to a Golf club in Delhi.
  • Have a credit card that has a golf program that allows you access to select

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