Equipment & Tips on Buying: 5 steps to buy your gear

The most important BUY is your golf set & typically the best way to go about that is to get experts to tell you what set is most appropriate for your type of game & swing. A simple 5 step process to getting you a golf set would look like this

  • Speak to your locaI pro / teacher for advice
  • While learning the game of golf start with a second hand set that is available for hire or on loan or if that is not possible invest in one
  • Once you have learnt the game & been on the course a few times get your swing analyzed.
  • Based on your swing & your golf pros advice invest in a golf set
  • While doing the above collate information on golf equipment from people you meet on the course, at the range, from the pro shops etc.

For more basic information on golf sets

1) Click here for Basic information on sets

Use links for each club type for more detailed info on clubs.

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